Butyl mastic tape, mastic sealant for water and humidity resistant

Butyl mastic tape, mastic sealant for water and humidity resistant

Item No.: WK-BMT-2212
Material: Butyl mastic
Sie: All size is available

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WT-BMT-2212 is a self-amalgamating mastic tape used for moisture sealing on all types of telecommunications and solid dielectric power cable splices and connections. It is a tacky, temperature stable mastic with excellent conformability and adhesion to metal and all types of cable insulations and jackets. It is put up in a release coat separator in roll form without any core. Once applied, WT-BMT-2212 mastic should be overwrapped with a PVC or rubber tape which will encapsulate it and through centripetal force, make it flow into every crevice and indentation in a cable jacket thereby giving a superior moisture seal in a splice or around any connection. The tape is also RoHS compliant, resistant to corrosion, chemicals and salt water and has no adverse effect on cable insulations. Use in conjunction with premium PVC electrical tape for optimal performance.


       ·      Primary electrical insulation and moisture sealing in splices and terminations of solid dielectric power cable up to 1KV.

·      Insulating and moisture sealing of telecommunication cable connections in base stations, antennas and aerial feeders.

·      Bus bar insulation and corrosion protection.

·      Cable jacketing.

·      Other moisture sealing applications. 

Regular Size

      ·     63.5mm x 1.5mm x 0.6 m  

       ·     63.5mm x 3.17mm x 0.6 m

       ·     2mm*50mm*500mm

       ·     Any other size is also available

Butyl Mastic Properties

Physical Properties

Standard Values

Measured Value

Heat resistance,130℃, 168h

No cracking

No cracking

Low temperature flexibility, -40℃

No flowing, cracking, deformation

No flowing, cracking, deformation

Elongation at break (%)



Peel strength(N/10mm)



Dielectric Strength (MV/m)



Sunlight ageing,1000h

No chalking, harden, crack

No chalking, harden, crack




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