200W RF Attcoaxial Attenuator

200W RF Attcoaxial Attenuator

If you are going to consult the information about 200w rf attcoaxial attenuator, Xiamen HDG Telecom Equipments Co.,Ltd is one of the leading 200w rf attcoaxial attenuator manufacturers and also a famous such supplier, welcome to visit our website. Part number: ATT-3G-200W-xx-N (xx indicates...

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Product Details

Part number: ATT-3G-200W-xx-N (xx indicates attenuation value)

Frequency(GHz): DC-3GHz,0-3000MHz
Max VSWR:1.2
Attenuation (dB):1/3/6/10/15/20/30/40/50/60
Accuracy(dB): ±0.5 (1/3/6); ±0.8 (10); ±1.0 (15/20/30); ±2.0 (40); ±2.5 (50); ±3.0 (60)
Impedance:50 ohm
RF Connector: N(M)-N(F)
Working Temp(deg): -55~+125
Color: Black
1. RF attenuator Attenuation: it depends on the ratio between the output and the input signal levels for the RF attenuators are used,for example: a 3dB attenuators can reduce the signal power to 1/2; a 6dB attenuators1/4; 10db attenuators can reduce to 1/10; 20dB attenuators to 1/100…
2. RF Fixed attenuator Power: HDG rf attenuators include 1Watts, 2Watts, 5Watts, 10Watts, 15Watts, 20Watts, 25Watts, 30Watts, 50Watts, 100Watts, 200Watts
3. RF Coaxial attenuator Frequency Range:The level of attenuation of a fixed attenuator varies with frequency, which may be caused by the frequency dependence on the resistors or other components used in the attenuator. The frequency range (or frequency bandwidth) that HDG RF fixed coax attenuator covers:3GHz, 4GHz,6GHz, 8GHz,18GHz. Typical types are DC-3GHz(0-3000MHz),0-6GHz
4. RF attenuator Accuracy: when the equipment is under the test, there will be a tolerance on the nominal level of attenuation.

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