3/8 In Jumper Cable With DIN Male Connector On Each Side

Item No.:J38-L-DM-DM
Cable Type: 3/8" feeder cable
Interface: DIN Male to DIN Male

Product Details


3/8 in Jumper Cables With DIN Male connector on each side offer outstanding electrical performance along with high durability for tight routing and superior environmental sealing for ling life reliability. 

3/8 in Jumper Cables With DIN Male connector on each side are used in areas that require extremely small bending radius such as between main feeders and antennas or between main feeders and RF equipment. Jumper cables are designed and produced to have features as below


High pull-off strength

Excellent V.S.W.R performance.

Low and stable intermodulation.


Connector 1: 7/16 DIN Male 

Connector 2: 7/16 DIN Male

Cable: 3/8 in feeder cable

Part Number: J38-L-DM--DM                                                       Dimensions are in millimeters


According to                                                                                                                    IEC 61169-4


Characteristic Impedance                                                                                                       50ohm

Frequency Range                                                                                                            DC-3GHz       

PIM (@2-tone×20W)                                                                                                        -155dBc

Dielectric Withstanding Voltage                                                2000V RMS,50Hz,at sea level

Dielectric Resistance                                                                                                       5000MΩ

VSWR                                                                                                                                          1.15


Durability                                                                                                 Mating cycles 500 cycles

Material and plating

                                                                           Material                                                            Plating

Body                                                                  Brass                                                              Tri-alloy

Center conductor                                             Brass                                                                      Ag

Nut                                                                    Brass                                                                        Ni

Insulator                                                            PTFE                                                                         -

Other                                                                  Brass                                                                       Ni


Temperature Range                                                                                                       -40~+85

Watertightness                                                                                                                               IP67

Rosh-compliance                                                                                           Full ROHs compliance

Salt-fog test                                                                                                                                      96h


1.CNC machines ,advanced test equipment
2.All products are suit for ROHS.
3.ISO14001 certificate,ISO9001 certificate

Also known as a wire harness, cable harness, wiring assembly, or wiring loom, a cable assembly is a grouping of cables or wires that transmits signals or electrical power. In binding the cables together, a cable assembly works to prevent disruption to the signal that might be caused by vibration, abrasion, moisture, fire, or electrical malfunctions (sometimes called shorts).

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