Stand Off Hanger Adapter Kit With 3/8 In Tapped Hole

Stand Off Hanger Adapter Kit With 3/8 In Tapped Hole

With 3/8" tapped hole
With round tower member adapter
Material: 304 Stainless Steel

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Item No.: AA-SO-38-RMA**

Each kit include stand-off adapter and round member adapter.

3/8" tapped hole.

Material: 304 stainless steel.

Item No.Spec
AA-SO-38-RMA23Include  3/8'' stand-off adapter and 2''-3''round member adapter
AA-SO-38-RMA35Include  3/8'' stand-off adapter and 3''-5''round member adapter
AA-SO-38-RMA56Include  3/8'' stand-off adapter and 5''-6''round member adapter
AA-SO-38-RMA**Include  3/8'' stand-off adapter and customized round member adapter.

Item No: AA-SO-38-HKRMA**

Each kit include stand-off adapter, round member adapter, and Hardwares.

Hardwares included: 3/8"x1" bolt, toothed washer.
3/8" tapped hole.
Material: 304 stainless steel

Item No.Spec
AA-SO-38-HKRMA23Include 3/8" stand-off adapter, 2''-3''round member adapter, and Hardwares.
AA-SO-38-HKRMA35Include 3/8" stand-off adapter, 3''-5''round member adapter, and Hardwares.
AA-SO-38-HKRMA56Include 3/8" stand-off adapter, 5''-6''round member adapter, and Hardwares.
AA-SO-38-HKRMA**3/8" stand-off adapter kit, include customized round member adapter.


1.Fasten hanger to stand-off with the nut or bolt and lockwasher.
2.Mount the stand-off to the round tower member with the round member or other bandings.


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