4.3-10 Female Flange Connector For 141 cable

4.3-10 Female Flange Connector For 141 cable

4.3-10 Flange Type connector
For 141 cable
long and short types

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4.3-10 Female Flange Connector For 141 Cable

This new,compact,installation-easily 4.3-10 RF connectors have been specially developed to meet the the ever increasing demands in mobile radio communication applications. The small size and lightweight of these connectors do justice to the miniaturisation of mobile radio network components.Despite their size, the connectors can sure excellent return loss and passive intermodulation performance(PIM) levels. Beside,this new connector is very variable,since one universal cable jack is suitable for mating with 3 different cable plug designs.

4.3-10 RF connectors are for use in outdoor telecommunication installations, in mobile radio, communication engineering and radar applications.

FLK-4310F-141 1-2782

FLK-4310F-141 2-2782 750-6237


Flange Type 4.3 10 connector

For 141 cable

Connector Length:47.6mm



Flange Type 4.3 10 connector

For 141 cable

Connector length:36.5mm



1.100% PIM tested

2.Ideal for applications requiring low PIM and low attrnuation

3.50 Ohm nominal impedance 

4.IP-67 compliant in the unmated condition

5.smaller and up to 40% lighter than 7/16 connectors

6.Frequency range DC to 6GHz

7.Return loss (cable connector straight) ≥ 36 dB @ DC to 4 GHz

8.Screw, quick-lock/push-pull, hand-screw coupling


1.Distributed Antenna System(DAS) 

2.Base Stations 

3.Wireless Infrastructure 


5.Filters and Combiners

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If you have any needs,pls feel free to contact us, we will certainly provide you with the best quality products and the most competitive prices.

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