4.3-10 Female Jack To 7/16 DIN Male Plug Adapter

4.3-10 Female Jack To 7/16 DIN Male Plug Adapter

4.3-10 Female to 7/16 DIN Male Adapter
Item No.: CAK-4310F-DM

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4.3-10 Female Jack To 7/16 DIN Male Plug Adapter

The 4.3-10 female to 7/16 DIN male adapter is a 4.3-10 female at one end and a 7/16 DIN male at the other end. This 4.3-10 female to 7/16 DIN female coaxial adapter from HDG Telecom is a straight type. This straight connector adapter is a series RF adapter design.

Our 4.3-10 to 7/16 DIN adapter is a 50 Ohm coaxial adapter design,this 50 Ohm adapter is precision manufactrued accounding to the RF component industry specificaitons,the maximum frequency is 6Ghz, with low PIM (≤-160 dBc)ans excellent VSWR(≤1.10@DC-3GHz).

End 1: 4.3-10 Female(Jack)

End 2: 7/16 DIN Male(Plug)

1. CNC machines ,advanced test equipment. 

2. All products are suit for ROHS. 

3. ISO14001 certificate,ISO9001 certificate

HDG Telecom can provide a variety of different connector types, and can also provide the same type of connector male and female conversion, including 4.3-10, 7/16 DIN, N, SMA, BNC, TNC, UHF, NEX10, etc.

If you have any needs,pls feel free to contact us, we will certainly provide you with the best quality proudcts and the most competitive prices.Or you need any customized products, you can also communicate and negotiate with our technology, we will do our best to meet your needs.

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