4.3-10 Mini Din Connector For 1/2 Inch Feeder Cable

4.3-10 Mini Din Connector For 1/2 Inch Feeder Cable

4.3-10 mini din Male / Female Connector
For 1/2 Inch Standard Cable
Clamp / Crimp / Solder / Flange type Connector
Straight / Right Angle Connector

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                               4.3-10 Mini Din Connector For 1/2 Inch Feeder Cable

The 4.3-10 connector system is designed to meet the latest requirements of mobile network equipment ,to connect the RRU to the antenna.

4.3-10 RF connectors are for use in outdoor telecommunication installations, in mobile radio, communication engineering and radar applications.Because of its characteristics the 4.3-10 is the ideal candidate for applications as in new base stations as well as for solutions for distributed antenna systems (DAS), in-building architecture and in small cells applications.

  • In base stations the 4.3-10 can be used for interconnections in the remote radio head as well as interface on the antenna and on the jumpers.

  • In multi-operator/multiband DAS the 4.3-10 can be used where RF signals have to be combined, terminated, or distributed to the antenna.

  • In small cells applications the 4.3-10 is particularly suited for the challenging space restrictions and electrical performances requirements.

CKL-4310F-12 4

4.3-10 female connector 

For 1/2 flexible feeder cable

clamp type connector

Item No.: CLK-4310F-1/2

CLK-4310MC-12 5-1044 800-2146

4.3-10 male connector

For 1/2 standard feeder cable

Clamp type connector

Item No.: CLK-4310M-1/2


1.100% PIM tested

2.Ideal for applications requiring low PIM and low attrnuation

3.50 Ohm nominal impedance 

4.IP-67 compliant in the unmated condition

5.smaller and up to 40% lighter than 7/16 connectors

6.Frequency range DC to 6GHz

7.Return loss (cable connector straight) ≥ 36 dB @ DC to 4 GHz

8.Screw, quick-lock/push-pull, hand-screw coupling


1.Distributed Antenna System(DAS) 

2.Base Stations 

3.Wireless Infrastructure 


5.Filters and Combiners

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