7/16 DIN Connector For 3/8 RF Coaxial Cable

7/16 DIN Connector For 3/8 RF Coaxial Cable

7/16 DIN Male / Female Connector
For 3/8 Standard / Superflexible Cable
Clamp / Crimp / Solder Type Connector
Straight / Right Angle Connector

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7/16 DIN Connector For 3/8 RF Coaxial Cable

7/16 Din connector is specially designed for outdoor base stations in mobile communication (GSM, CDMA, 3G, 4G) systems, featuring high power, low loss, high operating voltage, perfect waterproof performance and applicable to various environments. It is easy to install and provides reliable connection.

HDG 7/16 Din connectors are available in male or female gender with 50 Ohm impedance. Our 7/16 DIN connectors are available in straight or right angle versions, as well as, 4 hole flange, bulkhead, 4 hole panel or mountless options. These 7/16 DIN connector designs are available in clamp ,crimp or solder attachments methods.


7/16 DIN Male Connector For 3/8 Feeder Cable

Straight Connector

Clamp Connector

Item No.: CLK-DM-3/8


7/16 DIN Male Connector For 3/8 Superflex Cable

Right Angle Connector

Clamp Connector

Item No.:CLK-DMW-3/8S


  • Low IMD and low VSWR provides improved system performance

  • Self-flaring design ensures ease of installation with standard hand tool

  • Pre-assembled gasket protects against dust and water 

  • Bronze/Ag plated center conductor and Brass / Tri-alloy plated body provide a high conductivity and corrosion resistance


  • Wireless Infrastructure

  • Base Stations 

  • Lightning Protection 

  • Satellite Communications

  • Antenna Systems

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