3dB Hybrid Coupler

3dB Hybrid Coupler

Interface Number: 2in 2out/4in 4out
Connector: 4.3-10/DIN

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Product Details

3dB Bridge ,also known as same frequency combiner, it could along one specific way of the transmission line to determine a continuous sampling,and also could divide one input signal into two equal and with same 90℃ phase difference signal. It is mainly use for the combination of the multi-signal,improve the usage rate of output signal and widely use for the combination of the indoor coverage system and the BTS signal.

Product details

3dB Hybrid Coupler, 90 degree Hybrid Combiners

● Frequency: 698-2700/600-6000MHz

● VSWR: ≤1.25:1  

● PIM3: ≤-161
● Insertion Loss(dB) : ≤ 0.5 
● Average Power (W): 200
● Impedance(Ω): 50
● Connectors: N female/ DIN female
● Waterproof: IP60 or IP65
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3dB 600-6000MHz Hybrid Coupler

● Item No.: 3HCL-200F4344-600T6000-1

● Frequency: 698-2700/600-6000MHz
● IM3 Value(dB) : ≤ -153/ -161dBc@2*43dBm
● Average Power (W): 200
● IP rating : IP65(Indoor & Outdoor)
● Connectors: 4.3-10 female
● Temperature(°C): -35 ~ +85
3HC-200F4344-698T2700-1 800-3222.jpg


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