BNC RF Coaxial Lightning Surge Protectors

BNC RF Coaxial Lightning Surge Protectors

BNC RF Coaxial Lightning Surge Protectors
Male to female
Frequency range:DC~1G

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Product Details

BNC RF coaxial lightning surge protector

-BNC male to BNC female RF coaxial lightning surge protectors

-Protect your antenna and device from dangerous electrical surges

We  introduces the SA-BMF-1 series of DC pass RF lightning and surge protection products with an frequency operating band from DC to 1GHz. Xiamen HDG Telecom Equipments Co.,Ltd is one of the leading gas discharge tube lightning arrester n male to n female DC-1ghz manufacturers and also a famous such supplier, welcome to contact us.

The SA-NMF-1 series is the BNC RF coaxial lightning surge protectors perfect RF equipment protection solution for most application requiring DC voltage and current to power tower top mounted electronics. The SA-NMF-1 product family is suitable for outdoor as well as indoor installations and its white bronze plated housing ensures durability and long life.

Electrical Specifications

Frequency Range: DC - 1GHz
Input Impedance: 50Ω
VSWR: <1.2:1 
Insertion Loss: <0.15dB 
Dielectric Resistance:20KA(8/20 μ s)


Construction: Ni plated
Connector: N Male to N Female 
Temperature: -40 to +85ºC

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RF lightning arrestor

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