Bolt-on Grounding Kit For LMR400 Coaxial Cable

Bolt-on Grounding Kit For LMR400 Coaxial Cable

Item No.:GK-BOL400-0.6
Spec:Bolt-on grounding kit For LMR400 cable

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Bolt-on grounding kit is deisgned to provide a secure grounding point to the outer conductor of LMR400 cable using a mechanical clamping method. 

Contact: high quality copper strap;

Grounding / earthing cable:16mm2 or 25mm2 BV or BVR copper wire for earthing to buss bar;

Copper lugs: 16-8, 25-8 tin plated copper lugs to connect to grounding bar; Installation accessories: stainless steel 304.

Components & material of bolt-on grounding kit:

(1)Pre-formed copper ground strap                                              

(1)ground lead assembly                                               

(2)1/4" brass lock washers                                                   

(2)1/4" brass nuts                                                       

(1)Roll 2-1/2"×24"(610mm) butyl mastic                                          

(1)Roll 3/4"×20'(6.1m) PVC tape                                                 

(1)heat shrink tube                                                     

(1)Field-crimp 3/8" 2-hole lug                                                

(2)3/8"×1-1/4" slotted bolts                                                    

(2)3/8" lock washers                                                    

(2)3/8" nuts                                                        

(2)3/8" flat washer

Item No.                                  Specification

GK-BO5D     Bolt-on grounding kit for 5D-FB, LMR300 coaxial cable

GK-BO400   Bolt-on grounding kit for LMR400 coaxial cable

GK-BO600   Bolt-on grounding kit for LMR600 coaxial cable

GK-BO900   Bolt-on grounding kit for LMR900 coaxial cable

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