Butyl Insulating Mastic Tape And Pads

Butyl Insulating Mastic Tape And Pads

Item No.: WT-MT-2229
Material: Butyl Mastic
Regular Size: 25MMX3.2MMX3M

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WT-MT-2229 is a self-amalgamating mastic tape and pad used for moisture sealing on all types of solid dielectric power cable splices and connections. It is a tacky, temperature stable mastic with excellent conformability and adhesion to metal and all types of cable insulations and jackets. It is coated on an easy release liner. It is also RoHS compliant, resistant to corrosion, chemicals and salt water and has no adverse effect on cable insulations. Use in conjunction with premium vinyl electrical tape for optimal performance.

2229(1.jpg• Primary electrical insulation and moisture sealing in splices and  terminations of solid dielectric power cable up to 1kV if over wrapped with vinyl or rubber electrical tape.

• For sealing high-voltage cable splice and termination accessories for 90℃ continuous operation temperature. 

• For padding irregular-shaped connections.

• For providing corrosion protection to a wide variety of electrical connections and applications.

• For sealing ducts and cable end seals.

• For sealing against dust, soil, water and other environmental conditions.

• Other moisture sealing application.

Product Handling

The appropriate length of WT-MT-2229 can easily be cut off the roll by using a sharp knife or suitable protected razor blade. It can be applied in layers or can easily be molded into the desired shape. 

Note: Since a large number of different semi-conductive jacketing materials are currently available, the users are urged to test the compatibility of WT-MT-2229 with the semi-conductive jacketing material being used.

Shelf- Life

The WT-MT-2229 has a 5 year shelf-life (from date of manufacture when stored under the following recommended storage conditions) Store behind present stock in a clean dry place at a temperature of 0 to 40℃. Good stock rotation is recommended.


25MM (width) X3.2MM (thickness) X 3M (length)
Consult us for other sizes

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