Cluster Support Bracket

Cluster Support Bracket

Item No.: CH-AA-CSB
Mounting to: accpet snap-in hanger and butterfly hanger
Material: stainless steel

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Product Details

The Cluster Support Bracket is a versatile means to support multiple runs of corrugated cable in virtually any application. The oval design allows corrugated cables to be run inside and outside of the bracket, which maximize capacity. Each bracket features 3/4" holes to accommodate Snap-In Hangers and 3/8" holes for Butterfly Hangers using standard 3/8" hardware. The Cluster Support Bracket supports seven runs of corrugated cables.

Full Size Of Cluster Support Bracket

Part Number



Cluster Support Bracket for Seven Lines (hardware not included)


Cluster Support Bracket for Seven Lines with U-bolt for 2-3/8" round member attachment

Notes: Sold in units of one, U-bolt hardware sold separately.

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