Cold Shrink Breakouts SCSB Series

Cold Shrink Breakouts SCSB Series

Item: SCSB
Material: silicone rubber
solution for weatherproofing

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Cold shrink breakout SCSB series 
The Cold Shrink Silicone Rubber 3,4,5,6/C (3,4,5,6 conductor) Cable Breakout are a series of open-ended molded silicone rubber sealing assemblies that are factory expanded and mounted on removable inner supporting plastic cores. They are supplied for field installation in a pre-stretched condition. The supporting cores are removed after the seal has been positioned for installation around the breakout area of a 3,4,5,6/C (3,4,5,6 conductor) cable. Core removal allows the silicone rubber to shrink down to a predetermined diameter, creating an environmental enclosure for individual cable phase legs and overall cable jacket. 

1.Material: silicone rubber
2.Good insulation property
3.Nice resistance to tracking and UV radiation
4.Hydrophobic and dielectric property
5.Nice design of electrical and physical features
6.Cold, heat and corona resistance
7.Used in polluted and wet environment
8.High elastomer, no sharp splash when unforessen destroying
9.Used in polluted and wet environment
10.Easy to check and install: Take out the inner parts when installing, no need any fire and special tool

Cold Shrink Breakouts selection table

ØC----Master tube diameter
ØF----Branch tubes diameter.
LC----Length of master tubes.
LF----Length of branch tubes

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