Cold Shrink End Cap SE-2 With Use Range Of 0.63-1.18 In (15.9-30.1 Mm)

Item No.: SE-2
Use range: 0.63-1.18 In (15.9-30.1 mm).

Product Details

Cold Shrink Cable End Cap 

Item No.: SE-2

Use range: 0.63-1.18 in (15.9-30.1 mm)

HDG Telecom's SE-2, is an EPDM rubber cold shrink end cap to insulate and protect the ends of the cables, pipes, or other cylindrical objects. It offers good resistance to water, moisture, abrasion, dust, fungus, alkalis, acids and ozone to ensure long-term usage.

SE-2 cold shrink cable end cap, accommodates cables, pipes, or other cylindrical objects with diameter range of  0.63-1.18 in (15.9-30.1 mm)

The cold shrink end cap, is factory-expanded, and loaded onto a removable core. After positioning the cap over the cable ends or pipe ends, you only need to pull out the removable core, the rubber cap will shrink and cover the cable ends and pipe ends. The installation is easy and fast without any tools.

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Phisical Properties of cold shrink end caps:

typical physical properties of cold shrink cable end caps.jpg

Similarity and Substitute

The SE-2 cold shrink end cap, is similar as 3M cold shrink end cap EC-2, and can be used to substitute to 3M cold shrink end cap EC-2.

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