Cold Shrink End Caps SE Series

Cold Shrink End Caps SE Series

Item No.:SE-1/2/3/4
Function: Protect and waterproof the ends of cable, pipe, and other cylindrical objects.
Material: EPDM rubber.

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Product Details

Cold Shrink End Caps SE Series

Product description

Cold Shrink End Caps are close-ended, tubular rubber caps that are factory expanded and loaded onto a removable core.

When the cold shrink end caps are positioned over the end of a cable, pipe or other cylindrical object, the core will be removed. And the rubber caps will shrink and cover the cable ends to protect and waterproof it. 

Regular Size

   Item  No.        Inner Diameter(mm)          Application Range(in)       Application Range(mm)   


Cold Shrink End Cap SE-1

ID before relax: 25mm

Material: EPDM rubber

Use range: 0.46-0.82 inches (11.6-20.9mm)


Cold Shrink End Cap SE-2

ID before relax: 35mm

Material: EPDM rubber

Use range: 0.63-1.18 inches (15.9-30.1mm)


Cold shrink end cap SE-3

ID before relax: 55mm

Material: EPDM rubber

Use range: 1.02-1.94 inches (26.0-49.2mm)


Cold Shrink End Cap SE-4

ID before relax: 90mm

Material: EPDM rubber

Use range: 1.79-3.32 inches (45.5-84.3mm)

Cold Shrink End Caps protect cables, pipes and other cylindrical objects from exposure to moisture, contamination, corrosion, ozone, ultra-violet radiation, physical contact and other environmental hazards. 


1.Simple and fast installation, no tools required

2. Accommodates size ranges from 0.46'’--3.32”.

3. Sealing tight, high rebound even after prolonged years of aging and exposure

4. No mastic or tape required.

5.No torches or heat required.

6. Made of EPDM rubber material, with good abrasion resistance.

7. Resists fungus, acids and alkalis; Resists ozone.

8. Provide sealing protection over multi-core cable ends

9.Used to seal cables during installation or storage, protecting cable ends against water and dust.


---- For your reference, the SE-1/2/3/4 cold shrink end caps, are similar as 3M EC series cold shrink end caps EC-1/2/3/4.

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