Cold Shrink Handle Grip

Cold Shrink Handle Grip

Materials:EPDM & Silicone
Suitable any handles
LOGO customization

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Cold shrink handle grip is a great way to add a durable outer layer over an existing grip that is worn, or a great way to build a new grip.

Shrink wrap handle grip use does not require any specialized knowledge, only a few simple steps. Not only easy, but also environmentally friendly. Suitable any handles.

The difference between EPDM and silicone Cold shrink handle grip
EPDM Cold Shrink Tube

1. Can only make to black color

2.Hard to print logo on it

3.With Anti-slip surface

Silicone Cold Shrink Tube

1.Can make to any colors

2.Can print logo on it

3.Its surface is not Anti-slip(Unless with glove)

Ragular size


Item NO: EPCS-HG32X260

ID of supporting: 32mm (1.26") 

Length after relaxed: 260mm (10.24")

Application range: 13.0-26.0 (0.51"-1.02")


Item NO: EPCS-HG35X170

ID of supporting: 35mm (1.38")

Length after relaxed: 170mm (6.69")

Application range: 14.0-30.0 (0.55"-1.18")


Item NO: EPCS-HG45X170

ID of supporting: 45mm (1.77")

Length after relaxed: 170mm (6.69")

Application range: 17.0-40.0 (0.67"-1.57")


Item NO: EPCS-HG60X170

ID of supporting: 60mm (2.36")

Length after relaxed: 170mm (6.69")

Application range: 24.0-55.0 (0.94"-2.17")


Item NO: EPCS-HG50X305

ID of supporting: 50mm (1.97")

Length after relaxed: 305mm (12.0")

Application range: 17.5-44.0mm (0.69"-1.73")


Item NO: EPCS-HG50X457

ID of supporting: 50mm (1.97")

Length after relaxed: 305mm (18")

Application range: 17.5-44.0mm (0.69"-1.73")

Note: Othes size can be customizable.


1. Household tools: hammer, spanner, axe, pliers, floor jack, flashlight, rope etc.

2. Garden tools: shovel, hoe, hand shovel, garden rake, pick etc.

3. Sport tools: battledore, golf clubs, hockey stick etc.

4. Other tools: mallet, bicycle grip, motorcycle grip, wheelchair grip, fishing rod etc.



1. Easy to install, no tools and no heat gun or adhesive needed.

2. Fit any handle, the use range from 8.0 to 94.0mm.

3. Solvent resistant, non slip and water resistant.

4. Increase friction, reduce vibration and added comfort.

5. Ergonomic, effectivly reduce arm fatigue.

Any needs please feel free to contact us!

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