Double Hanger Type Feeder Clamp To Support Cables

Double Hanger Type Feeder Clamp To Support Cables

Feeder clamp for cables with outer diamter among 1-52mm.
Accommodate at most 6 runs cable.

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Double hanger type feeder clamps, allow 2 runs of cable fixing for each cable blocks. And the the cable block can be stackable to 3 stacks usually at most. The feeder clamp can be assembled with 1/2/3 stacks cable block, to fix at most 6 runs cable.

Each set of feeder clamp include:

----1.  One stainless steel 304 C-shaped angle dapter.

----2. Plastic polypropylene cable blocks, 1/2/3 stacks.

----3. Threaded rod & nut & washers.

C-shaped angle adapter is to be mounted to 1-25mm flat steel, 90 degree angle steel or rectangular steel. 

Our feeder clamps are widely used on antenna system of wireless cellular sites to fix the RF coaxial cable, DC power cables and fiber optical cables.

Availabe sizes of feeder clamp

Item No.Applicable cable OD (mm)Nominal cables
5.0-7.05.0/7.0mm fiber cable, Lan cable
Firber cable
CC-D06T7.6-X 6.0-7.6  7.0mm fiber, KMR300, LMR-300
CC-D09T11VB-X9.0-11.0KMR400, LMR-400, CNT-400, RG8
CC-D58-X16.8-18.0RRU power cable
CC-D19-X19.0-21.0RRU power cable
4AWG RRU power cable
22.0-24.025m㎡ RRU power cable

   X on the item no stands for the cable run number. X=2 by 2 cables, X=4 by 4 cables, X=6 by 6 cables

塑卡款式.jpgDouble Holes Type Coax Block

Item No: CB-XX-DH

Material: PP

Size: M8, 1/4'', 3/8", 1/2"S, 1/2", 7/8", 1-1/4", 1-5/8" etc. or use with grommet rubber for different size cable freely. 

Type: 2 ways

Used for trunk line and coax cable.

Some regular double holes feeder clamp for your reference:

Feeder clamp for LMR400 / RG8 coaxial cable

Plasctic 1/2" cable blocks with EPDM rubber cusion.

With U-shaped standoff and 1-1/2" to 3" hose clamp 

to be installed on 1-1/2'' to 3'' round pillar.

Material: 304 Stainless steel+PP+EPDM

single hole.jpg

Single hole feeder clamp


Combined clamp for power and fiber cable


Combined feeder clamp

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