Dual Cores Shielding RRU DC Power Cable

Dual Cores Shielding RRU DC Power Cable

North American standard : 2 x 12AWG, 2 x 8AWG, 2 x 6AWG, 2 x 4AWG
European standard : 2 x 4mm2, 2 x 6mm2, 2 x 10mm2, 2 x 16mm2, 2 x 25mm2

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RRU DC Power Cable

In the 3G/4G/5G FTTA system, the RRU (Remote Radio Unit) uses a 2 cores DC power cable. The cable feeds external 48V DC power to the RRU.

The RRU power cable is classfield in two types:

1. Power cable of  North American standard with the cross sectional area in AWG.

2. Power cable of European standard with the cross-section area in mm2.

Mechanical Construction

ConducterStrand bare copper wire (BC) 
CoveringAluminum foil tape (AF)
BraidingTinned copper braiding, ≥80% coverage
JacketFire-redardant PVC,black

Technical Construction

Rated Voltage300V
Working Temperature -40~70 ℃
Flame retardance:A rated

Available Sizes
Item No.:Cross SectionJacket  Diameter(mm)
LPC-ZA-RVVP-2CX42 x 4mm212.0±0.3
LPC-ZA-RVVP-2CX62 x 6mm214.0±0.4
LPC-ZA-RVVP-2CX102 x 10mm216.0±0.4
LPC-ZA-RVVP-2CX162 x 16mm218.5±0.5
LPC-ZA-RVVP-2CX252 x 25mm223.0±1.0
LPC-2464-2CX12#2 x 12 AWG10.2±0.3
LPC-2464-2CX8#2 x 8 AWG14.0±0.4
LPC-2464-2CX6#2 x 6 AWG16.5±0.5
LPC-2464-2CX4#2 x 4 AWG21.0±1.0

Dual cores shielding RRU DC power cable

It is a 2 cores shielding cable. Its application is for internal and external connectoring of electronic equipments.

Selectable Item

LPC-2586-2CX10# 1-1052

LPC-2586-2CX10# (Series No.: 1-1052)

1- Conducter: Strand bare copper wire (BC) , 105*0.254mm      O.D. 3.41mm

2- Insulation: 105℃ PVC,blue+black                                        O.D. 4.93mm

3- Covering: Aluminum foil tape (AF)

4- Braiding: Tinned copper braiding, 240*0.12, 83% coverage

5- Jacket: 105℃ PVC,black                                                        O.D:13.40mm

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