Electrical Super PVC Tape, Similar As 3M 33+

Electrical Super PVC Tape, Similar As 3M 33+

Item No.: WT-PVCT-33
Material: PVC
Regular Size: 19mm*20m*0.18mm

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Super PVC adhesive tape is made of super weather resistant type film, coated with special high performance pressure sensitive adhesive. It has the advantages of high elasticity, high effect, resistance to ultraviolet radiation, water, oil, acid, alkali and other kinds of corrosion, weather resistance, flame retardant, good use feel. Can be used at low temperature, through the UL510, CSA22.2 (-18~105 ℃) certification.



Suitable for various purposes for low temperature, below 600 volts and below 105℃ all kinds of wire and cable joint insulation layer winding, suitable for high voltage and low voltage cable sheath protection and repair of high-voltage cable sheath joints, especially suitable for the communications industry.
It is best to winding with semi-overlapping when using, apply the tape with no tension on the last wrap to prevent flagging.


Size: 19mm*20m*0.18mm, 50mm*20m*0.18mm
Color: Black
Storage life: Under the conditions of 23℃ x 50%RH, can be stored in the original packaging box 12 months.



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