EPDM Cold Shrink Tube For Cell Site

EPDM Cold Shrink Tube For Cell Site

EPDM Cold Shrink Tube For Cell Site
EPDM rubber material

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EPDM cold shrink tube offer a safe, easy way to reliably seal connections on coaxial cables. It is ideal for wireless communication towers and other exposed coaxial interfaces.

Each kit includes a cold shrink EPDM rubber sleeve which is factory-expanded and placed on a removable plastic core. Simply prepare the connection, position the tube and unwind the pre-scored core. The natural tendency of the rubber sleeve to return to its original diameter provides contant radial pressure, forming a reliable, water-resistant seal. All without heat, special tools or a time-consuming installation procedure. And it's easily removed when system maintenance is requried.


1. Simple installation, requires noly workman's hands

2. Accommodates a wide range of cable sizes.

3. No torches or heat required.

4. Good thermal stability.

5. Seals tight, retains its resiliency and pressure even after prolonged years of ageing and exposure.

6. Excellent wet electrical properties.

7. Improved tough rubber formulation to withstand rough backfilling.

8. Waterproof.

9. Resist fungus.

10. Resists acids and alkalis. 

11. Resists ozone and ultravilet light.

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Silicone material cold shrink tubings


Cold shrink tubings also available for Silicone materials, which is more soft and stretchy.

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