F Type Jack to Jack Lightning Surge Arrester

F Type Jack to Jack Lightning Surge Arrester

F type female to female lightning arrester
Item No.:SAGT-FFF-3G

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F type Female to Female Lightning Surge Arrester

Surge arrester is a device connected between each electrical conductor in power and communications systems and the Earth. These prevent the flow of the normal power or signal currents to ground, but provide a path over which high-voltage lightning current flows, bypassing the connected equipment. Their purpose is to limit the rise in voltage when a communications or power line is struck by lightning or is near to a lightning strike.

The SAGT-FFF-3G series is the perfect RF equipment protection solution for most application requiring DC voltage and current to power tower top mounted electronics,it is also suitable for outdoor as well as indoor installations.

Our SAGT-FFF-3G series of DC pass RF lightning and surge protector products with an frequency operating band from DC to 3GHz.


Key Features:

 F Jack To Jack lightning surge arrester

 Protect your antenna and device from dangerous electrical surges

 Excellent VSWR and superior RF performance characteristics

● Operating between DC and 3GHz



Various transmit-receive system of radio-frequency signal

Network signal wireless transmit-receive equipment

Satellite television (SATV) receiving equipment

Surveillance signal wireless transmit-receive equipment

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