Full Sizes Gel Enclosures For Wireless Cell Towers

Full Sizes Gel Enclosures For Wireless Cell Towers

Item No.: GSC-***
Catagory: Cell Tower Coax Weatherproofing

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  In the cellular cell tower, the exposed coaxial connections or splices need be operated with good weatherproofing and sealing. Gel seal enclosure is a quick and efficient weatherproofing solution for these coax connections on wireless cell towers. 

  The enclosure contains a special build-in gel, which surround the enclosure and block water penetrate into closures with IP68 grade. It have following advantages:

    1. Quick installation. No tools needed

    2. Openable, reusable

    3. Installation need small space. Good for the multi-interfaces antenna in 4G/5G networking.

    4. Allow to install without disconnecting the coax connection.


installation of cell tower enclosure.jpg

Gel seal closure items for antenna or RRU device interface:

Item No.Spec
GSC-12ANT1/2" to antenna & RRU (DIN 7/16)
GSC-12ANT-S (short version)1/2" to antenna & RRU (DIN 7/16)
GSC-78ANT7/8" to antenna & RRU (DIN 7/16)
1/2" to antenna & RRU (4.3/10 or 4.1-9.5 connector)
GSC-1438N1/4" or 3/8" to antenna & RRU ( N connector)

Gel seal closure items for coax in-line connection:

Item No.Specs
GSC-78121/2" to 7/8"
GSC-114121/2" to 1-1/4"
GSC-158121/2" to 1-5/8"
GSC-78GROUND7/8" grounding kit enclosure
GSC-12GROUND1/2" grounding kit enclosure

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