Gel Seal Closure For 1/2 In Jumper Cable With 7/16 DIN Connector To Antenna & RRU

Gel Seal Closure For 1/2 In Jumper Cable With 7/16 DIN Connector To Antenna & RRU

Item No.: GSC-12ANT
6" Long version.
Spec: 1/2" cable to Atenna Or RRU Via DIN 7/16 connector.

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Product Details

Gel seal closure, item No.: GSC-12ANT, Long version (6”), is designed to quickly seal 1/2" jumper cable terminating to antenna or RRU connection for wireless cellular sites and towers. It can be used at the coax splice on both antenna interface and also RRU (Remote Radio Unit) interface  When FTTA (Fiber To The Antenna) is applying for 4G/5G networks.

The gel seal closure is compatible for 1/2" flexible and superflex jumper cable with cable OD range at 13.0-17.0mm. The connector is 7/16 DIN connector. 

Advanges of the GSC-12ANT gel seal closure:

-- 1. Quick and easy installation, no tools needed.

-- 2. This closure is openable and reusable without disconnection of network. So avoid sinal interruption and additional replacement cost.

-- 3. The narrow body of closure allows it install easily even in tight spaces. In 3G/4G/5G networking, the MIMO (Multiple In Multiple Out) antennas are used, multi-band and multi-service antennas are used, compact tower-mounted RRUs are used. These makes the antenna interface and RRU interface with multi-connectors and tight space between connectors.

Installation of gel seal closure:

1-closure and antenna and coax connector.jpg

2, connect the din 716 connector.jpg

3-closure installed at antenna interface.jpg

Substitute and Replacement:

For your reference, the GSC-12ANT closure, can be a substitute for Tyco GSIC-1/2-ANT-L gel closure. Or also can be replace the 3M slim lock closure SLC-716

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