Gel Seal Closure For 1/2 In Jumper Cable To 1-1/4 In Feeder Cable

Gel Seal Closure For 1/2 In Jumper Cable To 1-1/4 In Feeder Cable

Item No.: GSC-11412
Spec: 1/2" To 1-1/4" Coax In-line Connection

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Product Details

Quick-seal waterproof junction box for 1/2" to 1-1/4" coax connection 

Part number: GSC-11412, is a waterproof junction box that is designed to quickly seal the coaxial connection between 1/2" cable to 1-1/4" cable.

It is always used on wireless cell sites and towers, or tunnel communication cabling system.

This waterproof junction box contains an innovative built-in soft gel material and provides an efficient block against moisture & salt mist in IP68 rates.

waterproof junction box GSC-11412.jpg

Item No.: GSC-11412.

Product name: RF coax cable junction waterproof box

Inlet: 1/2" coax cable (13-17mm)

Outlet: 1-1/4" coax cable (38-40mm)

Applicable max connector: 68mm diameter, 280mm length.

Dimension: 364 x 105 x 77mm

Material: PC+ABS, built in soft gel

Color: black color

coax cable junction waterproof box.jpg


  1. Quick installation, finish install within 20 seconds

  2. The built-in soft gel can allow a range of cable OD difference.

  3. Excellent waterproof performance for both indoor and outdoor application.

  4. Installation don't need tools

  5. Openable for maintenance need, and reusable.

Except the waterproof junction box, the cold shrink tubing and universal tape + mastic are also available from HDG TELECOM.

cold shrink waterproof solution.jpg

Cold Shrink Tube

cold shrink tube for 1/2" to 1-1/4" coax connection.

universal waterproof solutions.jpg

PVC tape +Mastic Tape Kit

universal weatherproofing kit for coax cable connections

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