Gel Seal Closure For 7/8 In Grounding Kit

Gel Seal Closure For 7/8 In Grounding Kit

Item No.: GSC-78GROUND
Spec: 7/8" Grounding Kit Weatherproofing Enclosure

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Product Details

Gel Seal Closure For 7/8 In Coax Grounding Kit

When for outdoor use, the coaxial cable grounding kit need to be attached with a weatherproofing layer. Traditionally, people always use the pvc tape and mastic tape.  But now you have another choice.

Item No. GSC-78GROUND, is designed to quickly seal 7/8" coax grounding kit. It is widely use on wireless cellular sites. It is a waterproof junction box, its built-in soft gel surrounding the box will protect the inner grounding kit from outside enviroments.

clip on grounding kit.jpg

7/8" coax clip-on grounding kit

78-grounding kit waterproof box.jpg

waterproof junction box installed

The compatible grounding kit can be standard type or clip-on type, or other types arpproved by us. 

Advantages :

-- Quick installation, just take seconds.

-- Simple installation, don't need tools, low error rate.

-- Openable for inspection and checking, also reusable.

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