Grounding Kit For CAT5E, CAT6 & CAT6A Cable

Grounding Kit For CAT5E, CAT6 & CAT6A Cable

Spec:For CAT5E, CAT6 & CAT6A cable
Type:Universal grounding kit
Item No.:GK-SUNV

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Product Details

Grounding Kit for CAT5E, CAT6 & CAT6A Cable

Grounding kits are designed for a better contact between grounding kit & cable. It providing an easy installation as well as dependable protection with high quality copper strip , this type grounding kit have a widely usable range with a low contact resistance, ensure a better waterproof performance.

Product Advantage of grounding kit

1. Each kit include grounding kit, installation hardwares, weatherproofing kit.

2. Weatherproofing kit are available for High Quality.

3. OEM available.

Selectable items

GK-SUNV 800-2632

 Small Universal Grounding Kit

  For: CAT5E, CAT6 & CAT6A Cable;                                     

  Item No.:GK-SUNV;

  Contact Area: Tinned Copper Braided;

  Rivet: φ5x8.1;

  Earth Wire: 6mm² x 1 meter(By request);

  Bolt: M8×25.

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