Hooking Type RF Self-Locking Cable Clamp

Hooking Type RF Self-Locking Cable Clamp

Specification : Self-locking type
Size: for 3/8", 1/2", 7/8", 1-1/4", 1-5/8"coaxial cable
Material: SUS304 + PP

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Self-locking cable clamps are the perfect solution for an easy and quick fastening to various supports of coaxial cables, wave guides and fiber optic cables.

The cables are firmly secured, without danger of deformation, by calibrated saddles which hold them without crushing.
The installer can visually control the pressure exerted by the screw. Between 1 and 12 cables can be fastened with the same clamp.
The calibrated saddles can be inserted either frontally or laterally in the bow.


1.Hooking on round Ø8-25mm and flat 3-25mm.

2.Self-locking pressure screw.

3.Stainless steel sliding pressure plate.

4.Single calibrated saddles in Fiberglass P.A material.

5.With use of elastic cushions to fit with waveguides.

6.Resistance to atmospheric factors (U.V. Rays, salty air, a.s.o.)

7.High resistance to temperature variations (from -30℃ to 120℃ )

8.Absolute safety for cables and installers.

9.Easy and quick installation.

Full Size:

Item No. Specification
CH-CC-38SHX-SLSelf-looking cable clamp for 3/8" cable. 
CHCC-12SHX-SL  Self-looking cable clamp for 1/2" cable. 
CHCC-78SHX-SL     Self-looking cable clamp for 7/8" cable. 
CHCC-114SHX-SL Self-looking cable clamp for 1-1/4" cable. 
CHCC-158SHX-SL    Self-looking cable clamp for 1-5/8" cable. 



Product recommendation:


Item No: CH-CB-12/78-SL

Size:  1/2", 7/8"

Material: PA

Type: 1 way

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