Sealing solutions for cable and pipe entry,cable entry solution

Sealing solutions for cable and pipe entry,cable entry solution

Function: entrance and sealing
Feature: multi-diameter, handle wide range cable
Size: as per require

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Product Details


The multi-diameter cable sealing system is a solution based on rubber modules with removable layers that enable a perfect fit to different dimensions of cable or pipe.Just peel a few layers and the seal fits the desired size of a cable or pipe. Multi-diameter technology allows seals to accommodate a wide range of cable sizes, and the installation is easy and safe. 

Each transit includes a frame, modular, stay plates and a compression wedge, all as shown in below pic.

Cabinets cable sealing solution is a light-weight and area efficient cable sealing solution for cabinets. The frames are made out of aluminum. They are equipped with adaptable sealing modules and supplied as ready-made kits. For use with Group SM components and attached on inside or outside of cabinet.


Product advantage:

1.Handles a wide range of cables.

2. Installation is easy and safe.

3. Easy to open and close.


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