Multidiameter Sealing Modules

Multidiameter Sealing Modules

Application: cable or pipe sealing
Feature: mul-ti diameter
Material: rubber
Size: detail as per table

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The sealing modules (adjustable diameter block with center plugs) consist of two halves. It is made of rubber with removable layer and a center core that enable perfect to fit a wide range of a cable or a pipe. It can seal your cables perfectly by peeling layers from the module halves to fit your cable. The sealing modules should use with frames.

When used with a solid core (center plug), the module functions as a spare module for future capacity. 

The modules’ cross section is square. SM and LM two series are available for choices. LM series modules are based on 60mm depth, SM series modules are based on 30mm depth.


Full sizes of sealing modules:


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