N-Female High Power RF Directional Coupler

N-Female High Power RF Directional Coupler

Coupling(dB): 6/8/10/15/20/30dB
Connector: N-Female

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Product Details

The RF Directional coupler from HDG-Telecom that is used in many mobile broadcast stations. It comes with N-female connectors. The Directional coupler is designed using state-of-the-art microstrip directional coupler with a 50 Ohm impedance.

Additional information and datasheets for directional coupler is available upon request. Contact our sales team using this enquiry form.

Product details

Directional Coupler (698-2700, 4.3-10, -155dBC).jpg350-880MHz Directional Coupler with N-Female Connectors

Item No.: DCP200NF-350T880-XP4DX

Power: 200W

Impedance: 50 ohms
Connector: N-Female
Frequency: 350-880MHz
Coupling: 6/10/15/20/25/30dB


200W 800-2700MHz 30dB Dircetional Coupler

Item No.: DCP200NF-800T2700-120P4D30

Power: 200W

Impedance: 50 ohms
Connector: N-Female
Frequency: 800-2700MHz
Coupling: 30dB

Cavity Coupler.JPG

300W Low PIM 698-2700MHz Directional Coupler

Item No.: DCP300NF-698T2700-150P5

Power: 300W

Impedance: 50 ohms
Connector: N-Female
Frequency: 698-2700MHz
Coupling: 6/8/10dB

PIM: ≤-150 dBc @ 2X43dBm

Difference Between Coupler and Divider

Both of these components split power input from one source and send it to one of either output port; typically, the output isn’t balanced, with one of the ports on the mainline having a higher amplitude.

A divider, however, may have as many as 16 output ports, and may suffer from poor isolation, if not high insertion loss. This means that more time will be needed just to run the system, as more time passes.

On the other hand, a coupler will have just four ports, with one of them being internally terminated in 3-port variants. They’re also engineered to have high isolation to prevent signals from being reflected back to one of the ports, and to have minimal insertion loss as well.

Then there is the actual application of these two components; they have similar functions, but they’re used in different ways. A divider is used to deliver power to more than one line once the signal leaves the component. A coupler, meanwhile, is used to test energy in systems for fault conditions, or to monitor output of a separate energy source.

HDG TELECOM offers: neutral host DAS and co-siting combiner solutions, hybrid couplers and hybrid matrices, attenuators, RF terminations, RF power splitter and diplexers, also known as cross band couplers.

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