N Male Straight Connector (Plug) For RG8 Cable

N Male Straight Connector (Plug) For RG8 Cable

Item No.:CLK-NM-R8
Spec.: For RG8 coaxial cable

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Product Details

The N connector (in full, Type N connector) is a threaded, weatherproof, medium-size RF connector used to join coaxial cables. It was one of the first connectors capable of carrying microwave-frequency signals, and was invented in the 1940s by Paul Neill of Bell Labs, after whom the connector is named.


Part Number: CLK-NM-R8                                                                          Dimensions are in millimeters


According to                                                                                                                              IEC 61169-16


Characteristic Impedance                                                                                                                    50ohm

Frequency Range                                                                                                                             DC-3GHz   

VSWR                                                                                                                                                     1.15

PIM (@2-tone×20W)                                                                                                                    -150dBc

Dielectric Resistance                                                                                                                    5000MΩ

Contact Resistance                                                                                                Center Contact 1.0mΩ

                                                                                                                                    Outer Contact 0.5mΩ


Durability                                                                                                             Mating cycles 500 cycles

Material and plating

                                                                                     Material                                                             Plating

Body                                                                            Brass                                                                        Ni

Insulator                                                                       PTFE                                                                         -

Center conductor                                                        Phosphor bronze                                              Au/Ag


Temperature Range                                                                                                                   -40~+85

Watertightness                                                                                                                                          IP67

Rosh-compliance                                                                                                       Full ROHs compliance

Salt-fog test                                                                                                                                                96h


1. All products are suit for ROHS.
2. CNC machines ,advanced test equipment
3. ISO14001 certificate,ISO9001 certificate


Developed in 1940’s, the N-Type connector series was the first to offer true microwave performance. The N-Type connector was developed to satisfy the need for a durable, weatherproof, medium-size RF connector with consistent performance through 11GHz. OEM & ODM are available. All products are 100% tested before shipment.

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