HDG Telecom Constantly Upgrading Products To Meet Customers Needs

- Jan 06, 2020-

                    HDG Telecom Constantly Upgrading Products To Meet Customers Needs

In order to timely deal with the problems encountered in the weekly work, better improve work efficiency and serve 

customers, we hold a regular meeting every Monday evening.

At the meeting, our partners will discuss various problems encountered in work, deal with the problems in 

time, discuss and give solutions, constantly improve their professional level in the field of telecommunications, 

and enhance service awareness.

Recently we have a case, our customer needs 3/8 super flexible jumper cable with waterproof rubber boots, 

both ends are NEX10 connector, 4.3-10 connector and n type connector.In order to meet the customer's 

demand for waterproof, after careful communication with the customer and full understanding of the customer's demand, we found a number of waterproof rubber boots partners for communication and sampling, and the specific requirements of the customer conveyed to the partners, then finally determined the mold opening plan.

After the unremitting efforts of the technical personnel of both sides, the preliminary drawings are basically confirmed.In the sales, technical and production personnel under the discussion of many times, we constantly 

modify the details, constantly improve the mold, strive to do the best.After the mold sample is made, the related personnel are actively involved in the testing of the waterproof property of the rubber sleeve and the debugging of the specification parameters of the jumper cables.Our teamwork and professionalism are highly valued by our clients.

In the field of telecommunication, we are professional and efficient. Please feel free to contact us if you are troubled 

by any products related to wireless site communication accessories. Our team will work together to serve you.

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