HDG Telecom Team Buliding Activities

- Dec 13, 2019-

HDG Telecom conducted an outdoor activitiy recently. The purpose of this activity is not only to relax everyone, but also to take the opportunity to experience the spirit of teamwork. On the basis of humanistic care for employees, HDG Telecom has strengthened communication and collaboration among employees, create an atmosphere where all employees are united, forge ahead, and integrate teamwork into their work.

We went to a farmhouse which allows everyone to be close to nature.

HDG Telecom BBQ activity.jpg

In order to roast sweet potatoes and chicken, we need to pick up some clods and heat them up which take us two hours. Although it was a long process and we encountered some difficulties in the process, we were very satisfied when eating.

HDG Telecom outdoor activities.jpg

Feed the ostriches

We also feed the ostriches in the manor.These two ostriches are very smart and enjoy interacting with people, which brings a lot of fun to our activities.

After the event, everyone was relaxed and will work more actively in the future.

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