NX10 Connector And Weatherproof Boot For Jumper

- May 18, 2020-

To meet the changing needs of the telecom market, HDG Telecom has released a new connector-NX10 connector whose performance is similar to NEX10 connector and can be used as a substitute product for NEX10 connector.

NEX10 Male Straight for 14 superflex cable.jpg
NEX10 Screw Male Right Angle for RG402 Cable.jpg

NX10 Structure:

1. HDG NX10 connector is designed in the same way as the mechanical and electrical interface separation of 4.3-10. This design method is mainly to ensure that the electrical performance of the product will not be affected by the vibration of the mechanical interface, especially the PIM. Therefore, HDG NX10 Connector inherits the excellent low PIM of 4.3-10, and the intermodulation stability is very good, without the influence of external vibration. (—166dBc @ 2X20W)

2. NX10 Connector size is 50% of 4.3-10, meeting the industry's demand for miniaturization and high integration.

NX10 Electrical performance:

1. The separation of the mechanical interface and the electrical interface leads to good electrical performance stability, especially for reducing PIM, which can reach -166dBc.

2. Support frequency DC-20GHz.

3. NX10 is small in size, so the power endurance is relatively small.

Related Product

jumper cable with weatherproofing rubber boots.jpg

Weatherproofing Rubber for Jumper Cable

 These boots support 3/8 in superflexible jumper cable , 3/8 in standard jumper cable, 1/2 in superflexible and standard jumper cable, and 250 in jumper cable with different RF connectors, have an IP-68 rating, are fully UV resistant and easy to use.In practical applications, these boots can be slid forward and will seal to the female bulkhead on an antenna or other RF accessories. They can be purchased loose or already assembled onto a HDG built Low PIM jumper cables.

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