Production And Shipments During The Epidemic

- Mar 13, 2020-

Production And Shipments During The Epidemic


With the peak of the pneumonia epidemic in China, the number of people infected has gradually decreased. But we haven't completely eliminated the virus, we still can't relax.


At present, factories are basically resuming work slowly, and productivity is gradually recovering, but it has not reached the pre-epidemic production level. So it will have a little impact on delivery。

Affected by the epidemic situation, most orders placed during the Spring Festival have basically arrived this week, or transportation has been arranged. Please understand the unnecessary trouble caused by the delay of delivery.


Since pneumonia has spread globally, it also has an impact on international shipping.

Shipping, air freight, express delivery will have some problems. Decrease in shipping vessels directly leads to increased freight.

We will avoid these problems to the greatest extent, so that you can receive the goods earlier and just in time. Do our best to ensure the interests of both parties.

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