The Resumption Of Work In The Second Week Of HDG Telecom

- Mar 05, 2020-

HDG Telecom

Under the circumstance that the epidemic situation in China has improved in an all-round way, HDG Telecomushered the second week of resuming work, and all colleagues of the company have been on duty. HDG Telecom will take the temperature of the employees every day to make sure they are in a healthy condition.
The working conditions of each group in the second week after resumption are as follows:
1.Daily work:
The work accumulated during the Spring Festival has been dealt with in the first week. Each group's work is also on track, inquiries have been in normal processing and network promotion is also in the steady progress.
2.Delivery time of each group of products:
Almost all products have entered the normal production stage, except the production of tape will be delayed, the delivery time of other products has returned to normal.The delivery time of the tapes will be delayed by 2-3 days and will return to normal next week.
HDG Telecom has entered a stable working state and is waiting for your contact.

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