RG Series Update: RG142 Cable Available In Supply Now

- Oct 28, 2020-

RFCC-RG142 800-3188.jpg

New products: RG142 cable

What is RG142 cable?

RG142 coax cable is a versatile 50-ohm coaxial cable used for all transmit-and-receive purposes.

RG142 cable is an excellent solution for a vast range of applications, specifically in the military and aerospace industries. It is widely used for radio frequency, telecommunications, interconnects, and signal transfer applications in systems such as GPS, medical systems, and RADAR.

Why choose RG142?

RG142 features a wider operating temperature than usual cable, it can work under -55℃~ +200℃. this cable have stability and low loss performance, and its low passive inter-modulation design make it suitable for high power and low intermodulation test applications.

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