RG Series Update: RG214 Coax Cable Available In Supply Scope

- Sep 15, 2020-

     RFCC-RG214 800-6313     RFCC-RG214 800-6325

What is RG214 coax cable?

RG214 flexible coax cable is 50ohm and with a 0.425”PVC jacket. It usually used for high frequency signal transmissions. It conisist of a stranded silver-plated copper inner conductor, solid PE dielectric, two layers of shielding braid---silver plated copper outer conductors, and a black PVC jacket. 

RG214 cable can work under frequency 0-11Ghz.

Why choose RG214 coax cable?

RG214 cable have a good resistance against different environmental factors, such as abrasion and moisture. Also the shielding of the cable prevents electrical interference, giving it an excellent and consistent current. The MIL-Spec of RG214 coax cable is equivalent to M17/75-RG214. It is widely used in high signal, low PIM and low attenuattion application, such as telecommunications, data transmission, radio frequency communication, broadcast, computer, also in LAN networks and instrumentation or control applications.

Below is HDG Telecom's RG213 cable and related RG series cable information, click here for more details:


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