Three Different Types Of Double-hole Cable Blocks For Your Choose

- Jun 05, 2020-


Coax Support Block is a block hanger system designed specifically for wireless applications. Stackable space saving units and provide versatility in all applications, reducing material and installation costs by requiring only one M8 or 3/8" or M10mm threaded rod to secure up to six runs of coax. Coax Support Blocks are manufactured from a durable weather resistant long glass Polypropylene or PA or POM. Thermal, chemical, and UV resistance ensure long term integrity in extreme environments.

Key Specifications/Special Features:

.Mount with 3/8’’ or M10 threaded rod
Pass the anti-aging and Mould experiment

Can be used indoors or outdoors

CB-78-DH 123.jpg

CB-78-DH-1-S2783-1 uhyd.jpg

CB-78-DH-2-S2783-1 yhd1.jpg

Item No: CB-XX-DH

Material: PP

Size:1/4", 3/8", 1/2"S, 1/2", 7/8", 1-1/4", 1-5/8" etc. 

or use with grommet rubber for 

different size cable freely. 

Type: 2 ways

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