New Universal Weatherproofing Kit For Connectors And Antennas

- May 29, 2020-


Universal weatherproofing kit for connectors and splices, include butyl rubber tape and PVC tape. It provides a multi-layer, long-term environmental seal over multiple connections.

Product Description

The use of this Cell Tower Weatehr proofing kit provides an additional moisture seal for antenna cable connections. It also prevents loosening of connectors from vibration or other external stresses which would eventually allow moisture penetration. The sealed connection is suitable for typical exposed and buried cable application. The connector splice weatherproofing kit can be used for one or more connections depending on the configuration and cable type.



Kit Includes:

– (3 or 6) rolls of butyl rubber tape (0.6m*63.5mm*3.175mm or 2mm);

– (2) rolls of 3/4″ x 44′ electrical tape (20m*19mm*0.19mm);

– (1) roll of 2″ x 20′ electrical tape (6.1m*50.8mm*0.19mm);



Kit Includes:

– (1) roll of butyl rubber tape (0.6m*63.5mm*3.175mm or 2mm);

– (1) roll of 3/4″ x 44′ electrical tape (20m*19mm*0.19mm);



Kit Includes:

– (1) roll of rubber mastic tape (3m*50.8mm*1.65mm);

– (1) roll of 3/4″ x 44′ Insulating suepr pvc tape (20m*18mm*0.19mm);

Product details


Item No.: WT-WK-221213

• Suitable for outdoor large cable and connector

• Wide scope temperature (-18℃~+105℃)


Item No.: WT-WK-221213E

• Suitable for outdoor small cable and connector and lightning protector

• Wide scope temperature (-18℃~+105℃)

• Reduce waste/ Low cost


Item No.: WT-WK-221213F

• Suitable for outdoor cable and connector

• Anti-UV

• Low-temperature resistance (-40℃)

• Dielectric Strength 42KV/mm

Featuers and Benefits

1. Simple installation,No heat or tools required for installation.

2. It can keep good form for irregular surface.

3. Compatible with any connector and cable.

4. No loosening of connections.

5. It can be used under wide scope temperature.

6. Excellent resistance to climatic and sealing performance.

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