Welcome customers from Italy to visit our company

- Jan 06, 2020-

Welcome customers come to visit our company


Recently, HDG Telecom received an inquiry from Italy about multi-diameter sealing module, this customer is very interested in our module products. Since this customer just visited the supplier in Xiamen, and requested to see samples from our company, we are very welcome. After the meeting, we had a pleasant discussion, we have come up with a solution that is satisfactory to both parties And let customers take our samples back to discuss. Soon, we sent our drawings to customers for confirmation, and make samples according to customer requirements. Looking forward to further communication.

HDG Telecom multi-diameter sealing module has SM sealing modules and LM sealing modules two series are available for choices. LM sealing solution are based on 60mm depth, SM component seal are based on 30mm depth. Its also can divided into two styles with and without center core. When used with a solid core (center plug), the variable module functions as a spare module for future capacity. Multi-diameter  sealing  modules (changeable diameter block with center plugs) consist of two halves. It is made of rubber with removable layer and a center core that enable perfect to fit a wide range of a cable or a pipe. Diameter adjustable sealing modules can seal your cables perfectly by peeling layers from the module halves to fit your cable. Split diameter changeable module should use with frames.

HDG Telecom is a leading and dedicated manufacturer and integrator of cell tower materials in China. Our products are diverse and of high quality, and can be customized for you according to your specific requirements. Our customers are globally oriented, we welcome our customers to visit our company to check the quality and specifications of our products.

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