Work Resumption For HDG TELECOM

- Mar 02, 2020-



Hope everything goes well for all the HDG's customers. HDG so glad to inform you that we are back to work.

I think you may have heard of the COVID-19, which is a virus similar to influenza. It's a respiratory virus initially. And so you have fever, not feeling very well, cough and just feeling poorly. Chinesed government has been taken effective measures to cut off the spread of the  COVID-19. HDG actively responds to national policies and protects the employee's health. The start time originally come back to office scheduled for February 2 was postponed to February 24. Inconvenience caused to customers during this period, we have proposed some feasible solutions:

1. Customers who have paid and urgently need to receive the goods:

HDG will be the first time to deal with these orders, and try to shorten delivery.

2.Customer who is non-urgent but extended delivery times:

According to this situation,HDG will try best to short delivery time as soon as possible and will let customer know when we determine the delivery time,also customer could contact us in any time.

3.Customers who are interested in buying:

For this situation,if our progress will go slowly due to the COVID-19 period,maybe you could pay the deposit first. We will try our best to cooperate with any ideas you have.

Finally, HDG hope everyone is healthy.If you have any doubt, wecome to consult us,thank you.

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