Pre-birdproofed Cable Assembly With 4.3-10 Connector On Both Sides

Pre-birdproofed Cable Assembly With 4.3-10 Connector On Both Sides

Item No.:BP12S-L-4310MC-4310MC
Cable Type:1/2" super flexible
Interface: 4.3-10 Male (Srew Type) to 4.3-10 Male (Screw Type)

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A Pre-birdproofed Cable Assembly aims to protect coaxial cable against damage from birds.This jumper is made of feeder cable, connector and sheath. The sheath has three layers.Inner adopts galvanized steel strip; middle adopts PVC ultraviolet resistant, anti-aging; outer adopts stainless steel metal wire. The outer layers layer is mesh-shaped.

Item Number:BP12S-4310MC-4310MC

Spec: With 4.3-10 Male connectors on both sides

Function: Bird pecking proofed


Excellent bird-pecking resistant performance

High pull-off strength

Excellent V.S.W.R performance.

Low and stable intermodulation.




Sheath material

(inner) adopting galvanized steel strip

(middle) adopting PVC ultraviolet resistant, anti-aging

(outer) stainless steel metal wire

1.Elaborate interface design,sheath size from Ø4mm to Ø180mm. Cable and connector can be matched according to the needs of your base station Antenna. (N type, 7/16 type, 4.3-10, 4.1-9.5 type)

2.There are various well-design solution for you to choose,

as long as one email or one call.


The utility model belongs to the field of the cable, in particular to protect RF coaxial cable against bird pecking.

The utility model technical problem to be solved is to overcome the disadvantages of the prior art and to provide a bird pecking RF coaxial cable at effectively ensuring the effective transmission performance under the premise, with excellent bird pecking performance, anti- interference, and the transmission of data stability, good bending performance, easy to use, with water, cold, wear characteristics, high water requirements in place requirements that can not be mechanical force, friction, moisture, corrosion, high temperature environment and other factors affected.

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