Pre-laced Support Hoist Grip For Coaxial Cable And Elliptical Waveguide

Pre-laced Support Hoist Grip For Coaxial Cable And Elliptical Waveguide

Item No.:HG-P
Material:Tinned-bronze or Galvanized Steel

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Product Details

Pre-laced hoisting grips feature a closed-mesh design which simplifies installation over traditional split, lace-up style grips.

The unique design allows the pre-laced hoisting grip to slip over an un-terminated end of coax.

The grip securely tightens when pulled, providing an effective means to hoist coax into position and to provide additional support for the coax once in place.

Characteristic :

Application :  coax support

Feature :  Pre-laced to simplify installation

Design :  Closed mesh with single eye support

Material :  Galvanized steel or Tinned bronze

Include :  Mesh Grip, support clamp

Product code :

Item No.DescriptionGrip lengthTotal length
HG-RG8-PFor RG8/LMR400 cable

HG-1011-PFor 10-11mm cable

HG38-PFor 10-11.5mm cable
HG-1214-PFor 12-14mm cable15-20cm22-28cm
HG12-PFor 15.5-17mm cable≥20cm≥55cm
HG58-PFor 18-23mm cable≥30cm≥55cm
HG-2224-PFor 22-24mm cable33-35cm43-45cm
HG78-PFor 27-28mm cable43cm76cm
For 30-35mm cable22-28cm60-63cm
HG114-PFor 38-40mm cable≥40cm≥70cm
For 48-50mm cable≥30cm≥55cm

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