RF Passive Component Power Tappers 100W, 7/15dB, IP65

RF Passive Component Power Tappers 100W, 7/15dB, IP65

Connector: DIN-Female/N-Female
Coupling: 3/ 7/ 15dB

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Product Details

The Power Tapper is a passive RF passive componements used to extract a small amount of power from the main transmission line in a manner that does not cause significant power loss.

The Tapper splitter is similar to directional coupling to some extent, but power tapper is usually a three-port device, and there are a variety of additional tap port constructs based on capacitive coupling rather than direct coupling. Multi-port power tapper may be equal dividers or other types of dividers that match the actual application environment. Like directional couplers, the tap ports are usually set to have the same impedance as the main transmission line and must be terminated correctly for normal operation.

Tappers are commonly used in DAS applications because of their advantages of low cost, broadband performance, high power handling capacity and easy selection. Tappers can also be used for base station, 4GLTE, AWS, PCS, PMR, UMTS, TETRA, Wi-Fi, WiMAX and other wireless infrastructure applications. Because Tappers are passive components, they can be packaged in a robust enclosure to meet IP65 and military class standards and can be used under harsh outdoor conditions.

Product details

RPT-DF698T2700-7 1-1056 600-6326.jpg

698-2700 MHz Power Tappers, 100W, DIN-Female, IP65

Item No.: RPT-DF698T2700

Coupling: 7 or 15dB

Connector: DIN Female

IP rate: IP65

RPT-NF698T2700-7 1-1056 600-6322.jpg

7/15dB Power Tapper 100W N Female Connectors

Item No.: RPT-NF698T2700

Coupling: 7 or 15dB

Connector: N Female

IP rate: IP65


Low PIM RF Power Tapper 694-2700 MHz

Item No.: RPT-NF694T2700-7

Coupling: 7dB

Connector: N Female

PIM: -150dBC

HDG TELECOM offers: neutral host DAS and co-siting combiner solutions, hybrid couplers and hybrid matrices, attenuators, RF terminations, RF power splitter and diplexers, also known as cross band couplers.

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