RF SMC Female Right Angle Crimp For RG223 Cable

RF SMC Female Right Angle Crimp For RG223 Cable

Item No.: CRK-SMCFW-R223
Spec.: For RG223 coaxial cable , crimp type

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Product Details

SMC (SubMiniature version C) connectors are coaxial RF connectors developed in the 1960s. They use a #10-32 UNF threaded interface (screw type). They offer excellent electrical performance from DC to 10 GHz. Female SMC connectors have a pin for the center contact, and male SMC connectors have a socket for the center contact, and are therefore analogous to the "reverse polarity" versions of other types of RF connectors.


Part Number: CRK-SMCFW-R223                                                         Dimensions are in millimeters


According to                                                                                                                          IEC 60169-9


Characteristic Impedance                                                                                                             50ohm

Frequency Range                                                                                                                       DC-3GHz   

VSWR                                                                                                                                                 1.20

Dielectric Withstanding Voltage                                                               750V RMS,50Hz,at sea level

Dielectric Resistance                                                                                                                1000MΩ

Contact Resistance                                                                                              Center Contact 5mΩ

                                                                                                                                Outer Contact 2.5mΩ


Durability                                                                                                          Mating cycles 500 cycles

Material and plating

                                                                       Material                                                                       Plating

Body                                                              Brass                                                                                  Au

Insulator                                                        PTFE                                                                                    -

Center conductor                                        Brass/phosphor bronze                                                    Au


Temperature Range                                                                                                              -40~+85

Watertightness                                                                                                                                     IP67

Rosh-compliance                                                                                                Full ROHs compliance

Salt-fog test                                                                                                                                            96h


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