RF Rotary Variable Step Attenuator 1dB/10dB

RF Rotary Variable Step Attenuator 1dB/10dB

Variable step attenuators, 50ohm, 2w/5w
Attenuation Range: 0-90dB
Attenuation step:1dB/10dB

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Product Details

50 ohm RF step attenuator, or called variable attenuator, it can allow to adjust the power level without disconnecting the circuit. It can be also used as built-in attenuator inside the instruments or equipments.

HDG Telecom offer various step attenuators in inline-style or table type.

Impedance: 50 ohm

Power rated: 2w, 5w

Connector interface: SMA Female, N Female, or customized

Frequency: 3G, 6G, or customized

Attenuation range: 0-10/20/30/40/50/60/70/80/90dB, or customized.

Attenuation step: 1dB, 10dB, or customized.

VSWR: 1.5, 1.4, or customized.

Temperature: -55 to +125 ℃

10dB step attenuator.jpg

90/10dB step attenuator

Item No.: VATT2-SAF-6G-D9010

This manual step attenuator owns a 2W power, and with 2 SMA female interface, It works under frequency range  0-6000Mhz. Its can perform 0-90dB attenuation with each 10dB.

VATT2-SAF-6G-D90 800-1236.jpg

90/1dB continuously variable attenuator

Item No.: VATT2-SAF-6G-D90

This continuously variable attenuator owns a 2w power rated, and with 2 SMA/F connector interface. It works under 6G frequency. Its attenuation range is 0-90dB, and with 1dB each step by 2 rotary knob dials.

10dB rotary  step attenuator.jpg

10/1dB rotary step attenuator

Item No.: VATT2-SAF-6G-D10

Attenuation: 0-10dB range, 1dB step

Connector: SMA Female

Frequency: 6G

Part Number: VA-2W-6-SMA-KK
Electrical Specification
Frequency range (GHz):DG-6G
Attenuation Value (dB):1-70dB
Attenuation accuracy (dB): ±0.5(1-10dB), ±1dB(10-30dB),5%(>30dB)
VSWR: 1.50 Maximum
Power (W): 2W
Impedance (Ω):50Ω
Connectors: SMA FEMALE
Operating Temperature (℃):-55°C to +125°C


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