Fire and Electric Arc Proofing Tape

Fire and Electric Arc Proofing Tape


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Product Details

Product details

Fire and Electric Arc Proofing Tape is an arc and fireproofing tape designed to protect all types of electrical cables. Its unique formulation allows the manufacture of an unsupported elastomer that expands in fire to provide a thick char build-up between the flame and cable. This insulating firewall acts as a heat shield and flame barrier, thus protecting the cables and accessories.


It is extremely conformable. Installers can wrap cables and irregularly shaped accessories easier and more rapidly. This exceptional conformability enables better product control while wrapping, and more uniform coverage. Also, the tape’s thin cross sections greatly reduce overall weight compared to other methods while providing equal or better fire and arc protection times. Cable heat is also dissipated more rapidly than with other forms of thick fire protection, and, therefore, does not de-rate the cable. One-half lap wrap provides adequate protection for most installations. Now cables and accessories can be fire and arc proofed more economically, far easier and more rapidly than ever before.

Size: 60mm*0.76mm*5m ( Other size can be customized as requested )


1.Flexible unsupported elastomer – clean, easy to apply, eliminates cuts and contusions of hands. 

2.Provides fault arc protection to adjacent wrapped cables and accessories.

3.Intumescent characteristics – expands in fire to provide an insulating firewall between the flame and cable.

4.Self-extinguishing, will not propagate flame. Will last and maintain its fire and arc proofing properties for the life of the cable. Resistant to water, salt water, acids, sewage and ultraviolet light. Can be removed and reused.                

5.Nontoxic, odorless and pollution-free.                         

6.No effect on current-carrying capacity. 


1.To fire and arc proof high-energy power cables where exposed to failures of other high-energy cables (any cables within 45cm are considered to be exposed).

2.To fire and arc proof control cables when high-energy power cables are present.

3.To fire and arc proof all cables in areas where possibility of fire hazard exists.

4.To provide additional electrical insulation, thus reducing possibilities of transferred arcs.

5.To fire and arc proof piping systems (ie. gas, water, oil lines, transformer, substation, subways, tunnels, chemical, minning insdusrries, building etc.)

6.To fire and arc proof high and low-voltage supply lines.

Other sutuations requiring fire-proofing.



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