Self-locking Hanger Kit For Leaky Feeder Radiating Coax Cable

Self-locking Hanger Kit For Leaky Feeder Radiating Coax Cable

Size: 1-5/8" & 1-1/4" & 7/8" & 1/2"
Application: city metro, tunnel, underground

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Leaky Feeder Radiating Coax Cable

Leaky feeder radiating coax cables are used in places where the actual structure makes RF communication difficult. 

Leaky feeders are often used in structures with metal frameworks such as skyscrapers, tunnels, ships and planes to extend mobile coverage. 

They are also useful in situations where low power levels are required to prevent interference wireless microphones or other communication technologies that share the same frequency spectrum


Self-Locking Hanger Kit

Self-locking hanger kits are designed to fixing the leaky feeder radiating coax cable. This hanger kits are used for underground metro subway (MRT).

Each hanger kit include a Self-locking clamp, cone standoff, tapping screw and plug. The material is Nylon plastic and stainless steel 304.

Recommend installation spacing: 1m

The self-locking hanger kits are available with 1/2", 7/8", 1-1/4", 1-5/8" sizes:

Item No.Specs
RCF-S111-D111-M324Hanger kit for 1-5/8" radiating cable & leaky cable
RCF-S111-D211-M324Hanger kit for 1-1/4" radiating cable & leaky cable
RCF-S111-D311-M324Hanger kit for 7/8" radiating cable & leaky cable
RCF-S111-D411-M324Hanger kit for 1/2" radiating cable & leaky cable

fire-resistant -leaky-cable-hanger.jpg

Supporting: Fire-resistant leaky cable hanger

Fire-resistant leaky cable hangers are installed together with aboved self-locking hanger kit at each 10m spacing.


Self-locking Clamp For 1-5/8'' Coaxial Cable


 Size:  1/2"S, 1/2", 7/8", 1-1/4", 1-5/8"

Material: PA

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